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 professional droProvidingne photography and videography services across the Scottish Borders, the surrounding areas and beyond.
Providing professional drone photography and videography services across the Scottish Borders, the surrounding areas and beyond.


Aerial Photography and Videography Services Scottish Borders

Aerial Photography 

& Videography

Our aerial photography and video footage are ideal for creating outstanding marketing and
promotional materials.  Perfect to help your business stand out from the crowd online or offline.
Health & Safety Aerial Inspections Scottish Borders

Health & Safety

Our drones can be used to reach and record the condition of roofs and other inaccessible areas
for health and safety inspections, structural surveys and risk assessments.

Agricultural & Forestry Aerial Inspections Scottish Borders

Agricultural & Forestry

Aerial photography is a useful tool in monitoring and effective management
of crops, the assessment and mapping of forestry assets and standing timber.

Aerial Wedding Photography & Videography Scottish Borders


We are able to work

with your wedding photographer to capture some unique shots from high above your chosen venue to add something really special to your wedding album/video.


About Us

Borders Aerial Photography is owned and operated by Mark and Kerryanne Field from their home in the Manor valley near Peebles, in the Scottish Borders.

They provide professional drone photography and videography services across the Scottish Borders, the surrounding areas and beyond.

Mark & Kerryanne are fully SUA Certified and qualified to pilot sub 25kg multirotor SUA (drones) with Operational Authorisation  (Previously known as PfCO), from the Civil Aviation Authority using DJI unmanned aerial platforms (drones).

Having been a keen photographer for over 15 years, Mark enjoys making the most of the local scenery on adventures around the Borders - often accompanied by his faithful Springer Spaniels who love the countryside as much as he does.




Our Drones
Drone Mavic.jpg

These are the drones we are currently using:


The DJI Inspire 2, complete with X5S camera

The biggest drone in our fleet; fast, loud and can stay airborne for approximately 25 minutes per battery set. The X5S camera it carries, is capable of capturing 5.2k video and still bursts at 20fps, it also allows us to interchange lenses for particular uses. For high quality video, this is our drone of choice. Some of our work with this drone has been used by ITV Border and Visit Scotland TV ads. This is the drone that is used by the WRC Rally drone operators due to its speed, agility and ability to “Lock On” and follow a target. We also use this drone for surveying, safety, roof and insurance inspections, where the 45mm lens allows us to see closer without needing to move the drone closer.


The DJI Phantom 4 Pro

This drone comes complete with an inbuilt camera mounted on a gimbal below. Fast certainly not as loud as the Inspire we can get the same flight time as the Inspire2, approx. 25 minutes, before changing batteries. The camera is where this little drone excels! Its 20mp camera captures RAW images as well as 4k video and the quality of these pictures from this little camera are simply outstanding. This is our drone of choice for stills photography. Surveying and inspections, as well as video when around horses and livestock, as it’s not as intimidating as the Inspire. For our estate agency works, this is our go to drone.


The DJI Mavic Enterprise Dual

A small, relatively quiet drone, highly portable as it folds up. Flight time of approx. 30 mins before battery change. Where this little drone really stands out is because it carries a low resolution Thermal camera, which detects heat and temperature difference from the surrounding area.  Useful for roof inspections etc, as it can see the temperature changes if damp is present, monitoring or finding missing persons or livestock. An ideal search and rescue drone, as it can be fitted with strobe for night use, loudspeaker to ask if the casualty is ok, and also comes with spotlights. 


We supplement the above, with traditional DSLR cameras, i.e. Canon pro gear, Including a Ronin stabilising gimbal, which when matched with our Canon 5D Full Frame camera, provides amazing 4k video. Also, a handy little camera is the GoPro 7 Black, which we can mount on extendable rods, mount to vehicles etc, should we need this. 

Drone white.jpg
Drone Lens.jpg




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